Brighten up a Shady Spot

Do you have a shady yard or a spot under a tree that gets mostly shade and wonder what to do with it? Think shade gardens are boring and colorless? Well, I have a few combinations that will get you rethinking that shady spot! If you prefer a nice virtual garden tour of my favorite shade garden… check it out here: Shade Garden Tour, Best Hostas!

Hostas with Astilbe:IMG_0027.jpg

Hostas come in so many varieties and colors… use them to your advantage. Take the sunny yellow borders and pair them with the blue hues of  a Hosta named “June”. Add a few astilbe and you have a fabulous combination providing interest and color!

What if you get 3 hours of sun like this garden (pictured below)? Add some clematis, hakone grasses, daylilies and heuchera. While the blooms won’t be as plenty as those planted in full sun, you still get that added pop of color and a mix of textures all season long.


Nothing beats a shade garden that looks great all season long!

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