St. Patrick’s Day = Time to direct sow PEAS! (maybe…)

Well, St. Patrick’s Day makes everyone think green, right? I always think about starting my peas… if the ground is workable. Peas don’t mind the snow or cold. They prefer cooler temperatures. This year however, I don’t think they’d be too happy if I threw them into the ground…as a matter of fact… I couldn’t sow them if I wanted to! We are still buried in over 2 feet of snow… ugh.

But, I assure you, Spring will come and the snow will melt. Not nearly as fast as you or I would like, however. So, you still have time to grab some seeds and try them out if you haven’t! Kids love shell peas right from the garden. No cooking, no salt, no butter, just  plain sweet organic green goodness.

This video is from our season last year… a time lapse video showing how peas grow and what you can expect to see. Kids love to check to see how they are growing, they show noticeable growth quickly.  So sit back and relax, click here——–> PEAS and give them a try this year! You won’t be disappointed!




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