Our First Dose Of Spring & Seed Starting For 2018! ONIONS!

Talk about crazy weather this week! While it felt like a mid-May spring day on Wednesday, reaching almost 70 degrees…it was short-lived. I won’t ruin it by saying what happened the next day… OK I will…  SNOW! Yes, three inches of snow fell.  It left us scratching our heads a bit but we did manage to accomplish something during that beautiful day.  Emma demanded we fire up the Deere and make round trips to no where.   The sunshine put us in the mood to pretend, if only for a moment, that Spring had sprung!


While Emma took advantage of the sun and a few John Deere tractor rides, Blake and I geared up to plant our first round of vegetable seeds! Yes- I know its only February, BUT, onions need an 8-10 week head start before transplanting outside. They get planted a month before your last frost date, so in our zone 5b climate,  we end up with a February seed starting date.

Check out our video for tips and a visual on how we start them here:

How To Start Onion Seeds

We will give an update when they sprout, which takes generally just about 2 weeks. Growing onions from seed is easy. They are not picky or finicky. If their green tops start to get too tall, just cut their tops down to 4″ and use the tops like you would chives. It’s an added bonus! Give them a try this year!


I Love Finding Little Gems Like This!

So I was looking through some old footage of my kids and my gardens. I found a cute little dialogue from a year and a half ago… Blake was 4 years old at the time… What do you think? They grow up so fast! Click here to watch: Small Talk about BEES with my four year old